Professionally I am:

  • An accidental entrepreneur, starting a company from a dream and a blog.  
  • An author of two books - Leadership Attitude and Just Rock It! 
  • Recognised as an Influencer of women across the globe.  
  • Resilient,.  Adapting and growing with all the tough challenges of business. 
  • An international Keynote Speaker who loves inspiring an audience.  
  • A successful leadership trainer and facilitator, empowering people to be the best version of themselves.  
  • A natural networker who makes the right connections to facilitate your business growth.  
  • A collaborator.  

Professionally I have:

  • More than 25 years human resource management, leadership and organisational development experience.  
  • Held senior leadership roles in diverse industries across the globe.  
  • Write regularly for publications such as The Australian, HRD Magazine, Smart Healthy Women and Women’s Business Media.  
  • Spoken at many leadership and business conferences, including LeadX, The Diversity Debate and Executive HR Leadership Summit.  
  • Studied a Bachelor of Business and have qualifications in the neuroscience of leadership.  
  • Created numerous programs for business owners and employees wanting to learn effective leadership skills.   
  • Coached hundreds of people to step into their leadership potential, advance their careers and grow their businesses. 

Personally I am:

  • A mother with my daughter Abby meaning the world to me.  
  • A big softie with a huge heart.  
  • An optimist, glass half-full kind of girl.  
  • Committed to being vulnerable, authentic and grateful. 
  • Funny – well I like to think I am!  
  • A treasure hunter - digging for treasures in the op and antique shops.  
  • A movie lover, and love watching movies in bean bags at New Farm cinemas. 
  • An amateur photographer who loves to take photos and capture moments.  
  • Candle making is my new hobby. 
  • A water baby who finds water soothing and comforting.  
  • A nature lover, walking where there are trees or water.  

I'm currently focused on:

  1. Continue to support authentic leadership with individuals, teams and organisations.  
  2. Spread my message of courageous  leadership through keynote speaking.  
  3. Scaling up the Leadership HQ to help businesses develop outstanding leaders to build their business success. 

I have worked with ..........



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