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Leadership Coaching is a very personal journey.  See if you and Sonia can take this journey together and get you your seat at the leadership table.  Please complete  the attached questionnaire.


Executive Coaching

Invest just $1997 AUD per month*

Without a doubt the best results are always had when you have the undivided attention of working with a coach.  

Sonia will help you evaluate your leadership, set goals and take your seat at the leadership table.

  • Develop into the leader you want to be.
  • Set yourself up for promotion.
  • Learn the skills that create employee loyalty.
  • Working with Sonia will empower you, give you a leadership mindset and set you up for success.

Wanting that to change your career trajectory? Sonia can help you not only get there but excel in your new role.

Sonia has just 5 places open for the next financial year - commencing July 2019.

*based on 6 month minimum

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Courageous Leadership Online Group Coaching

Join other Courageous Leaders in Sonia's group program.  You will learn how when you lead authentically others naturally follow.  Take your seat at the leadership table with confidence and step into your greatness.

  • The Courageous Leadership Live Program run over 20 weeks, including 17 weeks of lessons with 3 consolidation or rest weeks.  Each week you’ll complete a learning module consisting of one lesson. 
  • Lessons are delivered via a series of online pre-recorded videos.  Each lesson is simple, visual and concepts are explained in practical terms and are easy to apply. 
  • Options for extended learning for every lesson in a handpicked library. 
  • Weekly live Q&A group coaching call where Sonia answers all your questions.  Log in via phone or online.  Calls recorded and saved to the community. 
  • Options for SELF-STUDY are available.  SELF-STUDY suits people who do not wish to participate in the group coaching and excludes all community forums, Q&As and Office Time with Sonia. 
Program Commences Monday July 15, 2019.
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Sonia has opened up just 5 individual coaching places for the next financial year. 

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