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7 Laws of courageous leadership

Following on from my popular 7 Laws of Leadership blog, I’ve put together these 7 Laws of Courageous Leadership to help you become the brave leader you dream of being! After all, it’s the bravest who make the most change!.  Read More ......

5 Signs you're a brave leader

The leaders who get the best results and achieve their goals are brave, even when times are tough. But bravery isn’t just about doing heroic things all the time; being vulnerable and other behaviours and attitudes are just as brave, so here are five signs that you’ve been a brave leader all along. Read More......

Neuroscience of fear - Tips to overcome fear

Have you ever felt fear? Many leaders pretend they are incredibly controlled, resilient and confident. The perceived ideal image is for them to show that they do not feel fear. Want to know the truth?

I have never met anyone who doesn’t face fear. Read More .....

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