Courageous Conversations

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What makes a great leader? Skills we can learn from great leaders

From small business owners, sporting leaders, entrepreneurs or powerful politicians on the world stage, we explore the elements of great leadership.

These are skills and practical knowledge you can start applying in your career or business immediately. 

2 MAY - 12pm AEST

Why developing leadership skills is critical for SME's and entrepreneurs.

Leadership skills are a critical element of successful business owners and entrepreneurs.

Developing the ability to clearly communicate, resolve conflict, navigate obstacles, lead a team to achieve your vision and other aspects of great leadership are crucial to the success of your business. 

16 MAY - 12pm AEST

Why you need to develop your story and vision as a leader?

What is your vision, mission and values?

Why do you get up in the morning and what is your journey to where you are today?

Great stories as a leader help build loyalty, inspire and motivate.


30 MAY - 12pm AEST

How to build a Great Leadership Brand

Whether you're developing your personal or business brand learn the skills to be recognised as a leader in your field. 

13 JUNE - 12pm AEST

The Seven Laws of Leadership

From being brave to following your instincts, showing respect and empowering others we explore the seven laws of effective leadership.

27 JUNE - 12pm AEST

How to navigate politics and agendas at work

In the words of ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle: "Man is by nature a political animal."  No matter your title or position in a workplace, at some stage you will find yourself thrust into dealing with politics and different agendas. Learn strategies for navigating stressful politics and different agendas.

24 JULY - 12pm AEST

How to manage your resilience in Leadership

We can all show great leadership during the good times but what about the challenging times. How a leader displays emotional strength, courage and lead their teams or organisations through the storms is vital.  But how do you become more resilient as a leader?  

14 AUGUST - 12pm AEST

Interested in becoming a courageous leader? Connect with Sonia and find out about her leadership coaching.


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