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Leadership Development from $10 a month! The key to your future is Leadership. We have some of the best leadership self-paced courses, executive coaching and memberships! Looking for that type of support and development, we are here to transform your leadership? Are you passionate about making a difference in your workplace and community? Do you want to have a happy, productive team? Do you want to be a courageous leader who makes an impact? Together let's start changing the leadership landscape and become courageous leaders.

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Our Leadership Coaching, Courses and Membership starting from $10 a month are all a unique and premium development for you and your leaders. Designed for Emerging Leaders, Business Owners, Teams, Executives, SME's and anyone with ambition to take their seat at the leadership table, be a courageous leader and take charge of their business.

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Who is the Self-Paced Leadership Course for:

Leadership impacts all industries:

Small Business

Retail & Service Sector

Human Resource Professionals

Health management and administrative support personnel.

Construction Industry Team Leaders and support personnel.

Mining Industry Team leaders and support personnel.

Childcare Workers and supervisors.

The Leadership Course is ideal for:

Those wanting to take the next step up the promotion ladder.

Those currently leading teams that want to improve, inspire and deliver great outcomes.

Small business owners wanting to learn how to lead their team to success.

Managers struggling with the stress and overwhelm that comes with the day to day management of staff.

You, if you want to learn more about yourself, lead others with kindness and courage and create an impact in your organisation.

Benefits & Outcomes

Receive step-by-step training on how to authentically step into a leadership role and create positive impact on your team and organisation.

Replace the overwhelm with clarity and direction in your leadership.

Learn simple ways to cope with stress and overwhelm.

Gain the skills to develop, empower and lead a team.

Apply immediately and take away a box full of tools to assist you in your leadership. 



Leadership begins with YOU 

Why Leadership 

Leadership is about attitude, mindset, and behaviour. It is NOT role or title. It is about being the leader you want to be. Becoming an authentic leader takes hard work. Itis not much different from becoming a great athlete. To get great in any endeavour, whether it is your career, your family, or today leading the world we live in, you must use the unique strengths and talents you were born with and develop them to the fullest potential. 

Transitioning to Leadership 

This module focuses on transitioning into leadership and your leadership profile. Are you excited? I know we focus on Leadership being about Attitude, Mindset, and Behaviour. Now let's rock this leadership space. I am sure you are starting to see yourself as a leader. We can ALL learn leadership. 

Values, Beliefs and Vision as a Leader 

This module is vital for you to understand. Why, you ask? The focus is on your values, beliefs and vision. It is important to be clear about your values, beliefs, and vision so that you can put them into practice when leading. Leading by your values enables you to make good decisions and, more importantly, allows others to know who you are as a leader. 

In this module, the exercises start with identifying your Leadership values. By the end of the module, you will have a clear sense of your leadership values, beliefs and vision to map out a leadership journey for action and goals. I bet you are saying I can’t wait! 

Appreciating your Real Strengths 

This Module focuses on taking stock of where you are today and considering your strengths and challenges. This assessment or reflection, coupled with your personal Vision in Module 3, will allow you to build a learning and development plan that will assist you to realise your vision and maintain the parts of it you are already living. 

You will start by looking at who you are today. You will also catalogue your strengths as seen by yourself and others - the qualities you can build on to become more authentic. You may also identify potential weaknesses, challenges, and gaps that you may need to address. 

Building your awareness 

This module is aimed at providing the tools to build your self - awareness and help you know when something is authentic for you and when it is not. Also, it will identify times when others had helped you gain self - awareness and times when you missed opportunities. From this knowledge, you can build your skills for increasing your self - awareness as a leader and with it, the capacity to accept and regulate yourself. 

The Motivated Leader 

In this module, you will explore your motivations for leadership and examine your intrinsic and extrinsic motivations. Change and growth happen when we have focus, attention, will power and intent. Motivation and intent are needed for you to truly grow, learn and become the leader you want to be. 

Focus on your tribe 

In this module, you will examine how you can build your tribe to help you along your leadership journey, especially when you are facing great difficulties and challenges. 

Balancing your life 

We have all heard of the term work/life balance or as some call it, life/work balance. For leaders, living a balanced life enables them to be more authentic in leading. It also helps them lead healthy lives and develop healthy and happier teams and organisations. These leaders can make more thoughtful and meaningful decisions and lead more authentically. Their employees are more committed to the organisation, motivated and engaged, and ultimately achieve better results. 

Guess what I just call it; Balance.  

Developing and aligning your team 

Leadership is about others. You are only as strong as your team. To achieve maximum productivity and efficiency within the workplace, the importance of creating team culture in the workplace is critical. It requires leadership skills that are not traditionally held by managers 

Communicating as a great leader 

This module is aimed at providing the tools to build your communication skills as a leader. From this knowledge, you can construct your own tool kit to have critical conversations with challenging behaviours, giving and receiving feedback, conducting meaningful meetings and giving presentations to be at the top of your game. 

Empowering others to lead 

The focus of this Module is on how authentic leaders expect understanding performance from themselves, from others and from their teams to achieve excellent results. High expectations and high standards are not enough to meet these results. There must be a climate in which others are empowered to lead and to assume responsibility for achieving the organisation's goals and objectives.  

Authentic leaders empower others in their organisation creating a common purpose and set of values that encourages them to step up to lead. Thus, authentic leaders create organisations of empowered leaders at all levels 

The leader as a change agent 

In this world of rapid change and discontinuities, a leader must be out in front to encourage change, growth and to show the way. To do this, the leader must first understand two important requirements for bringing about change: 

1. Knowing the technical needs of the change 

2. Understanding the attitude and motivational demands for bringing about the change. 

The leader as a coach and mentor 

This module focuses on coaching as an active and emotionally smart method for leaders who want to develop the capacity of others and boost bottom - line business results. Forward - thinking leaders know there's a direct link between letting go of direction and control and taking a coaching approach to leadership to motivate, inspire and create dynamic, performance - based learning cultures where individuals and teams continually improve 

Leadership Models and Frameworks 

The goal of this module is to help you identify your preferred leadership style - the one that feels most natural and authentic to you - as well as identify leadership styles that you already use or may want to develop for the future. When you understand your leadership style, you can optimise your leadership authenticity and more successfully use your power. 

Neuroscience of Leadership 

Authentic leaders are truly passionate about Neuroscience and the why, how and what of Neuroscience and the connection with Leadership. The following is an expert from the book Leadership Attitude (Chapter 7) by Sonia McDonald on Brain Stuff. Also recommended in the same book is Chapter 8 on Squashing the ANTs. What does neuroscience mean? I suppose it does sound a little technical, but it is not. It is the brain function. The Google definition is: 

“Any or all of the sciences, such as neurochemistry and experimental psychology, which deal with the structure or function of the nervous system and brain.” 

Leadership Tools  

This Module includes a range of continuous quality  improvement tools are provided to support you as leader, and your organisation to enhance existing projects, improve your leadership process and foster a collaborative work environment.  


Leadership Action Plan 

 In this module we create your Leadership Action Plan.    You are now ready to put all the knowledge you have gained through this program into action!! 

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