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 Sonia will give you peace of mind when booking a speaker. 

She is a proven world-class professional speaker with the skills to "rock an audience".  Her energy, empathy, kindness, sensitivity and humour will enhance any event.

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Leadership Attitude Keynote

This is a powerful keynote which explores why leadership is an attitude not a role or title. Discover the five keys to leadership attitude and learn how you can be a leader through your values, actions, mindset and behaviour.

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Just Rock It!

This high-energy inspiring keynote has become a life-changer for many attendees.  Sonia talks about overcoming fear from a neuroscience perspective. We need a world of courageous and brave people where everyone feels empowered to shine and stand tall and help make others reach for the stars.  

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Leadership in Small Business

The number one challenge for small business is leadership. Many small business owners fail to understand their crucial leadership role in building a long-term sustainable business. This keynote will empower you and help you to move through your fear.  Gain the skills, tools and confidence to lead and manage your business 

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Leading the Next Generations

Effectively leading and inspiring our next generations is a key to success for our organisations and businesses. Research shows our young and up and coming workforces are more technically savvy, have a global mindset, want to build sustainable communities and crave quality mentorship 

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Courageous Leadership

What does it mean to be a courageous leader? How do you build a team who have trust in you and are in turn brave and resilient? Explore the philosophy behind courageous leadership and in turn dare to step into your own power as a leader.   

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Future Leaders

Designed for school and tertiary students to become the best versions of themselves and learn the skills needed to become leaders. Whether they aspire to become a school captain, lead a chess, sporting team or student union, students will discover valuable insights into themselves and leadership skills to carry through life.   

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Whether it's a networking breakfast, a team building day or an annual event Sonia can customise a keynote or workshop to make your event one they will be talking about for weeks to come. Complete the form attached and Sonia's Manager will be in contact.


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