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Workshops are the shortest path to your leadership success.  Sonia’s workshops are more than motivation and inspiration you are going to gain leadership skills you can transfer into your business, the workplace and life.   We all know that is a great return on investment. 

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Online Women in Leadership Workshop ONLY $125 EACH!

Online Women in Leadership Workshop are designed specifically for women; we focus on the challenges unique to our gender and how to really excel in what is often still a male-dominated business world! This workshop is for women who want to step up, take charge and truly shine. This program will transform your confidence, mindset, capability and skills as as a leader. It will provide you with the tools and new found courage to take that next step in your career and business.  

This workshop is full of interaction, allowing you the chance to ask those burning leadership-related questions and get your answers directly from the source of all things leadership - Sonia McDonald! You’ll be in an intimate environment with Sonia and fellow women leaders; it’s a great opportunity for networking too, and being able to support our fellow women in leadership. 

You will receive an online and downloadable workbook and leadership planner valued at $49 for free too!

Sonia shares her expert knowledge gained from years in the leadership and development industry, motivating you and inspiring you to be the best woman leader you can be! Her workshops have been described as engaging and inspirational - don’t miss out on your spot! Attend one or both!

Workshop One 15th May 9am-12.30pm

Workshop Two 22nd May 9am-12.30pm

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Online First Time Leaders Workshops ONLY $125 each 

Whether you’re a manager wanting to set up your newly-promoted leaders for success, or a first time leader who is taking the initiative with their development, talk to us about our First Time Leader Workshops, which sets new leaders up with the necessary leadership and management skills to perform at their peak and have the best possible start to their new leadership journeys.  

Within these amazing workshop, First Time Leaders will: 

  • Gain leadership and people skills and confidence 
  • Go from good to GREAT in relation to emotional intelligence and communication
  • Learn about themselves and – to help build personal development plans
  • Learn to be credible, authentic and inspiring leaders 
  • Harness their strengths and self-awareness 
  • Develop their capacity to lead and manage in a changing environment 
  • Discover the power of their influence, and how to use it wisely to help others achieve successful outcomes 
You will receive an online and downloadable workbook and leadership planner valued at $49 for free too!

Workshop One 14th May 9am-12.30pm

Workshop Two 21st May 9am-12.30pm

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